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    Ribbon Cuttings:  Fri., Feb. 2, at 12noon at the Visual Arts Center, 210 Maude St., PG to open their 11th Biennial National Art Exhibit.  **** Tues., Feb. 6, at 5:30pm at Rissini Trattoria Gastronomica, 18101 Murdock Cir., PC to celebrate their grand opening.

    Business Expo2018 Thurs., Feb. 8 from 10am to 4pm at the Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center.  Free admission, prizes, goodie bag for first 500 people.

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  •    Leadership Charlotte Alumni Association

    First Name Last Name Business Year Color
    Judi Aber Merrill Lynch 1997 Green
    Richard Allen Charlotte County Public Works-Solid Waste Div. 2005 Red
    Kim Amontree James S. Amontree, MD, PA, Board Certified Gastroenterologist 2017 Yellow
    Laurene Anderson Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office 2011 Yellow
    Michael Anderson Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office 2008 Yellow
    Faezeh Andrews Charlotte County Human Services/Charlotte 211 2017 Green
    Paul Andrews Paul R. Andrews, Barnes & Phillips Real Estate, Inc. 2014 Yellow
    Robert Armstrong   1992 Green
    Donald Ashley Ashley, Brown & Company, CPAs 1990 Red
    Teri Ashley Western Michigan University  2001 Honorary
    Wendy Atkinson Charlotte County School Board Dist. 5 2010 Blue
    Ceres Austria Charlotte County Attorney’s Office 2015 Red
    Lance Ball Ball Law Firm 2009 Yellow
    Donna Barrett Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry Association 2010 Red
    Forrest Bass Farr Law Firm 2012 Green
    Jennifer Beane Presley Beane Financial Services 2016 Blue
    John “Brian” C. Beane Presley Beane Financial Services 2015 Blue
    John C. Beane III Presley Beane Financial Services 2010 Green
    Brian Beason Frohlich, Gordon & Beason 2003 Red
    Judge Peter Bell Charlotte County Justice Center 2001 Yellow
    Nancy Bell Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty 2005 Green
    Joseph Bender Panther Hollow Dental Lodge 2008 Green
    Marjorie Benson Friendly Floors 2017 Blue
    Bobbi Bevis RE/MAX Harbor Realty 2000 Red
    Mike Bladorn MonarchDIRECT 2012 Blue
    Cheryl Bowman Cheffy’s Sensational Dinners 2004 Green
    Justin Brand Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center 2017 Red
    Lisa Branno Penwell Port Charlotte High School 2006 Blue
    Robert Bray Millennium Physician Group 1994 Yellow
    Janet Bresky Guardian ad Litem Foundation-20th Judicial Circuit, Inc. 2001 Green
    Jeff Brown Ashley, Brown & Company, CPAs 2001 Green
    Alyson Burch Charlotte State Bank & Trust 2004 Yellow
    Gordon Burger Charlotte County Administrators Offices 2016 Red
    Kathy Burnam Fishermen’s Village 2008 Green
    Mary Byrski Byrski Estate and Elder Law 2005 Red
    Keith Callaghan Golisano Children’s Hospital Pediatric Specialty Clinic 2012 Yellow
    Darrell Caparo Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office 2016 Yellow
    Donna Cardenas Port Charlotte Florist 2011 Yellow
    Kelly Carr Fawcett Memorial Hospital 2009 Green
    Michael Casarella Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office 2017 Blue
    Captain Jason Ciaschini Punta Gorda Police Department 2012 Blue
    Mary Fred Clemmons   2009 Blue
    Robert Clendenin   1999 Blue
    James Coalwell Centennial Bank 2009 Green
    Patricia Comber Superior Professional Cleaning Service 1997 Green
    Marcia Cullinan Michael Saunders & Co. 2008 Red
    Sandy Darna Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center 2016 Red
    John Davidson Crossroads Hope Academy 2012 Red
    Alexandria Davis Fawcett Memorial Hospital 2015 Red
    Jimmy Dean HARBOR STYLE Magazine 2008 Red
    Debra Dees RE/MAX Anchor Realty 2007 Green
    Kat Denault Padgett The Pampered Chef 2016 Yellow
    Sherri Dennis The Charlotte Sun / Sun Coast Media Group, Inc. 2016 Green
    Robert Dickinson Robert M. Dickinson, Personal Financial Consultant 2007 Green
    Lane Diedrick   2000 Red
    Andy Dodd Peninsula Property 1991 Red
    Sean Doherty Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach Visitor & Convention Bureau 2016 Yellow
    Shannon Doolity State Attorneys Office 2007 Red
    Lynn Dorler Boys & Girls Clubs of Charlotte County 2011 Yellow
    Mathew Dowling Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office 2016 Red
    Denise Dull Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. 2012 Blue
    Randall Dunn   1992 Green
    Roger Eaton Charlotte County Clerk of Courts 2015 Blue
    Jeri Ebbole   2016 Green
    Craig Econopouly Grizzly Bros. Plumbing 2003 Blue
    Rich Emch Raymond James & Associates, Inc. 2001 Red
    Carol Fabian Advanced Imaging of Port Charlotte 2004 Red
    Philip Fernandez The Charlotte Sun / Sun Coast Media Group, Inc. 2017 Blue
    Tina Figliuolo Charlotte County Homeless Coalition, Inc. 2014 Blue
    Jim Finch Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center 2011 Blue
    Diana Finnegan Sarasota County Parks & Recreation 2001 Yellow
    Jared Forma Charlotte Stone Crabs 2015 Red
    Chris Frohlich Frohlich, Gordon & Beason 2014 Yellow
    Erin Galley Nolan Family Insurance Agency 2010 Yellow
    Celene Galvan Celene’s Clean Team 2012 Yellow
    Brad Gamblin Punta Gorda Rotary Foundation 2017 Green
    Sue Garand St. Andrews South Golf Club 2014 Red
    Christy Gilfert Florida SouthWestern State College-Charlotte Campus 2012 Green
    Dennis Gill Port Charlotte Florist 2010 Green
    Diane Gill Port Charlotte Florist 1993 Yellow
    Betty Gissendanner Betty Gissendanner 2001 Green
    Harvey Goldberg   2008 Red
    Kevin Graham Suncoast One Title & Closings, Inc. 2000 Yellow
    Suzanne Graham Massey Services, Inc. 2011 Green
    Lorraine Grant Ambitrans Ambulance & Wheelchair Service 1995 Blue
    Michael Grant Ambitrans Ambulance & Wheelchair Service 1989 Charter Blue
    Jason Green Weiler Engineering Corporation 2015 Green
    Liz Green HARBOR STYLE Magazine 2012 Yellow
    Shelli Green Merrill Lynch 2006 Red
    Patti Guerzo Guerzo Business Consulting LLC 2015 Blue
    Debbie Guilbault   2012 Red
    Jack O. Hackett II Farr Law Firm 1989 Charter Red
    Alix Hall Gulf Pointe Surgery Center 2009 Red
    Joanne Martin Hammar Michael Saunders & Company 2014 Red
    Louise Hanaoka Louise Hanaoka, LLC 1996 Green
    Debbie Harrington Ambitrans Ambulance & Wheelchair Service 2000 Red
    Bill Hawley Fawcett Memorial Hospital 2017 Red
    Michael P. Haymans Michael P. Haymans Attorney at Law, PA 1990 Red
    Michael Hearn Florida Weekly 2013 Red
    Todd Helt Weiler Engineering Corporation 2016 Green
    Dr. Cecelia “Cheech” Hill Sandhill Healing Center, Inc. 2004 Green
    Ed Hill Englewood Florida Chamber of Commerce 2012 Green
    Angela Hogan Gulf Coast Partnership 2012 Green
    David Holmes Farr Law Firm 1996 Green
    Bevin Holzschuh Bayfront Health Punta Gorda 2017 Blue
    Jennifer Howell Howell Law Firm, PL 2000 Red
    Carlton Hughes Green Coast Homes, Inc. 2008 Blue
    Samantha Hultgren   1990 Red
    Carrie Blackwell Hussey   2013 Blue
    Rick Ilmberger Suncoast Glass & Mirror, Inc. 2014 Red
    Dianne Ingman McCrory Law Firm 2010 Yellow
    Nancy Johnson Team Punta Gorda, Inc. 2017 Blue
    Peter Keating FSBDC at FGCU 2012 Red
    Robert Keating   2013 Red
    Faiza Kedir Landsberg Bennett Private Wealth Management 2014 Green
    Kay Keller Suncoast One Title & Closings, Inc. 2010 Green
    Kellie Jo Kilberg   1991 Blue
    Linda Kilcullen Sandhill Healing Center, Inc. 2015 Yellow
    Stephanie Kissinger Waste Management of Charlotte County 2013 Red
    Bill Klossner Peace River Botanical Garden 1991 Yellow
    Phil Knowlton RE/MAX Harbor Realty 2006 Yellow
    Rex Koch Koch & Company CPA, P.A. 1998 Green
    Dorothy Korszen Farr Law Firm 2005 Green
    Judith Jirout Kozlowski Cruises Inc. 2003 Green
    Patricia Kuhar Charlotte State Bank & Trust 2005 Green
    Marie LaBrosse Charlotte Well Drilling, LLC 2011 Yellow
    Patricia Land   2004 Red
    Natalie Lashway Farr Law Firm 2013 Red
    David Lebron III HCA Healthcare 2010 Blue
    Tracy Lehn Days Inn Port Charlotte Hotel Management of PC 2008 Blue
    Carrie Leontitsis Olmsted & Wilson, P.A. 2012 Red
    Frank Leontitsis Raymond James & Associates, Inc. 2011 Yellow
    Emily Lewis Charlotte County Family Services Divisio 2007 Yellow
    Thomas Lewis   2013 Red
    Robin Lindecamp First International Title Inc. 2012 Yellow
    Stephen Lineberry Premier Photographic Events, LLC 2017 Green
    Paul Lioon Paul V. Lioon, CTFA, Ind. Trust Services of SW FL 1999 Green
    Donna Listenberger DLmyCPA, Inc. 2014 Yellow
    Martha Litson Charlotte State Bank & Trust 2015 Green
    Eric Loche   2012 Blue
    David Logan Murdock Baptist Church 2010 Blue
    Geoffrey Lorah Webb, Lorah & McMillan, PLLC 1999 Blue
    Kim Lovejoy Ross   2001 Yellow
    Jason Lucas The Lucas Law Firm, PA 2003 Green
    Monica Luna   2009 Green
    Brenda Lynch Strang, Olsen & Lynch, CPAs, PA 2009 Red
    Toby Lynn The Mortgage Firm 2017 Green
    Kim Maddy Charlotte State Bank & Trust 2015 Red
    Ashley Maher Charlotte Community Foundation, Inc. 2015 Yellow
    Judy Malbuisson Charlotte County Hospitality Association Inc. 1998 Green
    Darcy Manos C & R Graphics, Inc. 2016 Yellow
    Mike Mansfield Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, Inc. 2008 Red
    Melanie Markel Array of Cabinets 2016 Blue
    Mark Martella Icard, Merrill, Cullis, Timm, Furen & Ginsburg, PA 2008 Blue
    Alexia Martin WhitCo Insurance – Alexia Martin Agency 2015 Green
    Mike Martin State Farm Insurance – Mike Martin Agency 2016 Yellow
    Dawn Marx Buffalo Graffix 2001 Blue
    Bob Massey Florida Weekly 2017 Yellow
    Julie Mathis Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 1996 Red
    Angie Matthiessen United Way of Charlotte County, Inc. 2014 Red
    Maura Matzko   2005 Yellow
    A. Jill McCrory McCrory Law Firm 2006 Red
    Lindsey McKelvy Panther Hollow Dental Lodge 2017 Red
    Michael McKinley Wotitzky, Wotitzky, Ross & McKinley, PA, Attorneys at Law 1991 Green
    Betsy McMillan Webb, Lorah & McMillan, PLLC 2002 Red
    Chris McMillan RE/MAX Anchor Marina Park 2004 Green
    Deborah McMullen Coldwell Banker Commercial Sunstar Realty  2013 Green
    Robert “Bucky” McQueen   1992 Red
    Blair McVety Charlotte County Seawalls, Inc. 1995 Green
    Sheila Meeks Michael Saunders & Co. 2017 Red
    Kaley Miller Charlotte County Utilities 2005 Red
    Jennifer Molnar Fire Department City of Punta Gorda 2017 Red
    Joshua Moye Charlotte County Administrators Offices 2017 Red
    Dianne Munson The Printed Page 1992 Yellow
    Cindee Murphy Charlotte State Bank & Trust 1992 Green
    Tom Natoli Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. 2006 Blue
    Sharon Neuhofer Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty 2014 Blue
    Bob “Fig” Newton Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty 2012 Yellow
    Glen Nickerson The Charlotte Sun / Sun Coast Media Group, Inc. 2010 Red
    Carla Nix Nix & Associates Real Estate, LLC 2015 Green
    Danny Nix Nix & Associates Real Estate, LLC 2016 Blue
    Dawn Nolan Florida SouthWestern State College-Charlotte Campus 2011 Blue
    Jim Nolan, Jr. Nolan Family Insurance Agency 2002 Blue
    Sandy O’Grady Suncoast One Title & Closings, Inc. 2009 Yellow
    David Oliver McCrory Law Firm 2015 Yellow
    Vanessa Oliver Ambitrans Ambulance & Wheelchair Service 2016 Red
    Sherry Olmsted   1995 Red
    Tanya Orr Nix & Associates Real Estate 2016 Red
    Trudy Overbey New Hope Chiropractic 2012 Green
    Tom Parker Young Life – Greater Charlotte Harbor 2017 Yellow
    Mark Payne Edward Jones – Financial Advisor, Mark Payne 2014 Green
    Marie Peleck Bayfront Health Port Charlotte 2016 Red
    Kris Peterson True Blue Pool Store 2001 Blue
    Robert Peterson Florida Gulf Coast University 2016 Red
    Linda Pizarro PG PC NP Association of Realtors, Inc. 1995 Yellow
    Kelly Pomerville Charlotte Behavioral Health Care 2013 Yellow
    Nancy Prafke Punta Gorda City Council Member 2009 Yellow
    Lara Praizner BMO Harris Bank 2015 Yellow
    Brian Presley Presley Advisory 2000 Red
    Joy Price   2017 Green
    Sheriff William Prummell Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office 2011 Red
    Debbie Reynolds State Insurance Agency Brian Chapman Ins. Group 2016 Green
    Dr. Ashley Reynolds, DMD Panther Hollow Dental Lodge 2013 Blue
    Mike Riley Charlotte County Public Schools 2013 Yellow
    Clay Roberson Roberson Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. 2011 Blue
    Hartwell “Bob” Roberts Century 21 Sunbelt Realty Inc. 1989 Charter Yellow
    M. Suzanne Roberts, M.ED. Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic 2014 Green
    Kathy Robinson Centennial Bank 2009 Blue
    Karen Rolland Rolland Group-Keller Williams Realty, PRP 2006 Blue
    Donald Ross EarthBalance 1989 Charter Green
    Warren Ross Wotitzky, Wotitzky, Ross & McKinley, PA, Attorneys at Law 1995 Green
    Mike Ruiz The Charlotte Sun / Sun Coast Media Group, Inc. 2016 Blue
    Fletcher H. Rush Farr Law Firm 2015 Yellow
    W. Kevin Russell W. Kevin Russell, PA 1995 Blue
    Melissa Sanders-McCartney 21st Century Oncology 2012 Red
    Joan Sandles Punta Gorda Block Party/Punta Gorda Days, Inc. 1994 Green
    Larry Sandles Arthur Rutenberg Homes/SandStar Homes, LLC 1998 Yellow
    Kimberly Savasuk Joiner & Savasuk CPAs PLLC 2003 Green
    Paul H. Schaefer II Sage Homes LLC 2012 Blue
    Lauren Schmidt Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County 2008 Red
    Joseph Schortz Joseph R. Schortz, CPA, PLLC 2006 Green
    Barbara Scott   1997 Red
    Tommy Scott Charlotte County Community Services 2014 Blue
    Gloria Sepanik City of Punta Gorda 2014 Blue
    Tish Sheesley Cultural Center of Point Vedra Beach 2003 Yellow
    Kelly Shoemaker Charlotte County Government 2000 Yellow
    Brett Sifrit Farr Law Firm 2017 Blue
    Sue Sifrit   1993 Green
    Osco Simpson R. Simpson Plastering & Stucco, Inc. 2015 Blue
    Toni Simpson R. Simpson Plastering & Stucco, Inc. 2004 Blue
    Tony J. Smith Ashley, Brown & Company, CPAs 2015 Green
    Marilyn Smith-Mooney   1998 Yellow
    Dr. Michael Stampar, DO Spago Day Spa Salon & Medispa 1999 Red
    Kathleen Stencil-Worch Nurse on Call Home Health Care 1991 Red
    Jane Sturges Punta Gorda C.R.A. 1998 Red
    Will Sunter Farr Law Firm 2008 Yellow
    Eve Sweeting Charlotte County Human Resources 2009 Blue
    Nancy Szafranski Nancy Szafranski c/o Urban 2007 Blue
    Ron Thomas Harborwalk Scoops & Bites 1991 Red
    Thomas “T.J.” Thornberry Thornberry Custom Builders, Inc. 2010 Yellow
    Connie Thrasher   2005 Blue
    Jessica Tkac-Burrows Village Place Retirement 2017 Yellow
    Leah Valenti Congressman Tom J. Rooney (R-FL-17) 2012 Blue
    Kevin Van Nostrand Spinal Health & Rehab Integrative Medicine 2008 Green
    Steven Vito SunTrust Bank Murdock 2008 Blue
    Nancy Vollmer Tidewell Hospice, Inc. 2003 Green
    Geri Waksler McCrory Law Firm 1998 Yellow
    Phyllis Walker McCrory Law Firm 2014 Yellow
    Katharine Walter Payne Mizell, Mays & Payne, PA 2006 Yellow
    Carol Watters   2002 Blue
    John L. Watters, DMD Panther Hollow Dental Lodge 2006 Yellow
    Ellen Webb McCrory Law Firm 1993 Red
    Sankey Webb Webb, Lorah & McMillan, PLLC 2000 Green
    Chris Wenzel Peace River Distributing, Inc. 2006 Green
    Gale West Your Health Consultant 1989 Charter Blue
    John Westlake Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office 2017 Yellow
    Patrice Weston Patrice Weston State Farm Insurance Agency, Inc. 2014 Yellow
    Bob White Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 2015 Red
    Brett White Halfacre Construction Company 2009 Green
    Timothy White Millennium Physician Group 2009 Red
    Tommy Q. White Dolphin Cleaners in Charlotte Harbor 1989 Charter Blue
    Sara Wierhake Charlotte Local Education Foundation, Inc. 2010 Green
    Stephen Wierhake Clear View Financial Services LLC 2015 Yellow
    Betty Williams   1997 Yellow
    John Willis Charlotte Correctional Institution 2017 Green
    Judith Wilson Zonta International Punta Gorda 1996 Yellow
    Linda Wilson Wilson Realty 1995 Yellow
    Michael M. Wilson Olmsted & Wilson, P.A. 1997 Red traded to Green
    Kristine Wishard The Gateway Group 1999 Yellow
    Darcy Woods Smart Shopper Group 2016 Blue
    Maurice Woosley Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty 2010 Green
    Nicholas Worden Bank of the Ozarks 2016 Green
    Cheyenne Young Wotitzky, Wotitzky, Ross & McKinley, PA, Attorneys at Law 2010 Yellow
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